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Just a word of thanks to everyone all over the world for distributing and displaying these car decals and stickers we created promoting vegetarianism and animal rights. 

With the different 'food' and 'non-food' animals pictured together, we are showing that eating a cow or a pig is no different or any less cruel than eating a dog or a cat.

Hopefully, a few more people will see this truth about meat eating, and realize the unimaginable suffering and death caused to innocent and helpless animals everywhere.


As of now, the decals and stickers can be seen in :

Argentina, Australia, Austria, 
Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, 
Bosnia & Herzegovina, 
Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, 
Canada, Chile, China, 
Colombia, Croatia, 
Cyprus, Czech Republic, 
Denmark, Ecuador, Ethiopia, 
Finland, France, 
Germany, Ghana, Greece, 
Hawaii, Holland, Hungary, India,
Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy,  
Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, 
Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, 
Mexico, Monaco, Morocco,
New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway,
Pakistan, Peru, 
Portugal, Puerto Rico, 
Romania, Russia, Serbia, 
Singapore, South Africa, Spain, 
Sri Lanka, Sweden, 
Tanzania, Thailand, Tibet, 
Turkey, Ukraine, the West Indies, 
and all over the U.K. and U.S.



In answer to a recent e-mail :

"Meat is after all, nothing more than a dead animal or parts of a dead animal.  Animals which lived in unimaginable suffering, and died in great pain, sorrow and terror... to become 'meat'.
I used to be an extremely heavy meat and fish eater but became vegetarian very easily (just within a couple of weeks).  Guess I sort of became suddenly 'enlightened' to the truth of meat eating.  

To me now, meat eaters, inside them is a graveyard of dead animals.  Just imagine tummies and guts filled with dead pigs, chickens, fish, prawns, etc... Easy to be vegetarian like that...  
: )    "



The inspiration for turning vegetarian : 

Philip Kapleau's excellent booklet - 
To Cherish All Life 
(Right click and save as, to download this free e-booklet.)



Free copies of the decals and stickers are available on request.  

Car decals are about 25cm long and printed on vinyl.  Stickers are about 20cm long.  Both items are high quality and printed in full colour.

Please click here.  Currently not available.

Donations are welcome and will help to keep this website running, and also to help us keep spreading the message.

Please click on the PayPal button if you would like to make a donation.  Your kindness and generosity will be deeply appreciated.

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Organizations or societies who would like to print more decals or stickers, feel free to use the original artwork.  
Other languages?  Please go ahead with any changes! 

Download hi-resolution English version here.
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Download hi-resolution Chinese version here.
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